GRAPHICS: eXplorer Statistics, NCVA, Suecia

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eXplorer Statistics
National Center for Visual Analytics (NCVA)
Programación y análisis de la estadística.
“GeoAnalytics Visualization”

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The WorlBank
The Economist
Statistic Denmark
City of Göteborg

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National Center for Visual Analytics (NCVA) is a Swedish national resource funded through the Swedish Knowledge Foundation’s (KK-Stiftelsen) Visualization Program including VINNOVA, SSF, ISA and Vårdalstiftelsen and our industrial and government research partners. NCVA will help to spread geovisual and visual analytics technology into industry and government agencies.
NCVA is managed by Professor Mikael Jern VITA/ITN

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Programming each new Visual Analytics application from scratch is a complex and expensive task and a very inefficient way to work. A high-level toolkit, comprising many well-tested and compatible components, will make this process far less time-consuming and help ensure the correct functioning of each new application produced. To achieve this we build upon our “GeoAnalytics Visualization” framework, GAV, to provide a generic visualization framework for a diverse range of application areas and fully integrated with web tools such as Flash/Flex (GAV Flash) or optimized for performance with Microsoft DirectX (GAV). This framework is designed to provide integrated views of large information spaces, coordinated viewing of information in context, and to approach complex information through the use the overview and detail paradigm. These are the principles behind the VA concept which have made it such a powerful idea in the scientific community. NCVA will show the effectiveness of the technology and provide results in four distinct forms:

1.Valuable applications, addressing key concerns for our partners in industry, public services and academia.
2.New or enhanced methods within GAV framework developed for these purposes but which will then be available to users in other potential areas of interest.
3.Novel techniques to facilitate the recording, review and dissemination of the reasoning within the VA process allowing the analyst to use interactive ‘story-telling’ to convey how conclusions are reached, improving the credibility of the results obtained.
4.New results from evaluation of these applications and techniques in the workplace context, feeding back into new and improved developments in a continuous cycle.
Applied research will be carried out in the context of a number of applications, drawn from diverse areas associated with the activities of the industrial partners, showing the generality of the underlying framework. Each of these applications can also be seen as a demonstrator of the technology. In this work, we will follow a ‘science-to-solutions’ approach to address the entire research, development and deployment process. The strong engagement by industry and public service partners that depend on state-of-the-art VA tools will guarantee that users will be involved from the start and will participate in the definition of the applied research agenda. The partners will, in turn, gain access to front line research, prototypes and components for integrating new and innovative VA tools.

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Postal addresses

All units but the Faculty of Health Sciences
Linköping University

Tel: +46 13 28 10 00
Fax: +46 13 14 94 03
Please notice that questions regarding study programmes, admission, application procedures, enrolment etc, should be sent to

Faculty of Health Sciences

Tel: +46 13 22 20 00

All units
Linköping University
Campus Norrkšping

Tel switchboard: +46 11 36 30 00
Fax: +46 11 26 58 50

Statistics Denmark:
SCB and Eurostat:
Goteborg City:
OECD eXplorer: (NComVA Vislet demo with OECD eXplorer ageing population in EU 1990-2008).
OECD Factbook: (NComVA Vislet Demo with OECD Factbook – fertility versus women employment rate for 1970-2006)
OECD Regional development:
World eXplorer:

STATS: The Global Gender Gap Report

The Global Gender Gap Report
Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard University
Laura D. Tyson, University of California, Berkeley
Saadia Zahidi,World Economic Forum

Mide las diferencias entre hombres y mujeres para el acceso a la política, economía, salud, trabajo…

The Index is designed to measure gender-based gaps in
access to resources and opportunities in individual countries
rather than the actual levels of the available resources
and opportunities in those countries.

Convert to ratios
First, all data are converted to female/male ratios. For
example, a country with 20% of women in ministerial
positions is assigned a ratio of 20 women /80 men =
0.25 on this variable. This is to ensure that the Index is
capturing gaps between women’s and men’s attainment
levels, rather than the levels themselves.

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Desde 2006
España, en el puesto 11.

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The result puts Switzerland alongside Finland,
Norway, Spain and Cape Verde as countries identified by
the Inter-Parliamentary Union as having a majority of
women in government.

Spain moves up six places in the overall report rankings,
improving its scores across all subindexes to regain
the same overall position it held in 2006. It records some
small gains in the category of women’s economic participation
and opportunity (increases in female labour force
participation, wage equality and estimated earned income,
as well as in the numbers of female professional and technical
workers). Spain’s strengths include the number of
women in ministerial positions, an area where Spain is
among the countries with the highest percentage out of
the 134 countries covered.

However, Spain still ranks towards the very bottom on wage equality, assuming 117th
position. Improvements to Spain’s performance in terms of
women’s economic participation may be expected in the
future following the recent introduction of a law that obligates
all companies with more than 250 employees to create
gender equality plans and the largest companies to
have 40-percent female boards of directors by 2015. The
new law also grants 15 days’ paternity leave to new
fathers. In addition, women must take up at least 40 percent
of the lists of candidates that parties field in elections,
under the new law.

Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Finland
and Ireland show the largest absolute increases in score,
amounting to relative changes of more than 14% when
compared to their performance in the year 2000.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2010 is
published by the World Economic Forum. The
Global Gender Gap Index 2010 is the result of
collaboration with faculty at Harvard University
and the University of California, Berkeley

© 2010 World Economic Forum
All rights reserved.

STATS: Sport+Markt, estrategia deportiva

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Análisis, consultoría, investigación
Deporte internacional
Bases de datos.
Proyectos en más de 120 países de todos los continentes
Constitución en 1986 en Colonia, Alemania
Sociedad Anónima desde el año 2000
Sedes en seis países
13 oficinas, con más de 500 empleados
Proyectos en más de 120 países de todos los continentes
Una de las empresas de mayor crecimiento en el sector
Estándar comercial reconocido por el mercado así como líder en innovación y servicio
Independiente y neutral
Organización de congresos propios dentro del sector (p. ej. International Football Summit)

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Clubes favoritos.

“Centros de Evaluación de Medios” en Colonia, Barcelona y Singapur para el análisis y el control mundial de formatos y contenidos de televisión, Internet, telefonía móvil, radio, prensa, etc

“Hacer posible el éxito de nuestros clientes en el negocio del deporte y del patrocinio internacional es nuestra misión desde hace más de 20 años y es, al mimo tiempo, el estímulo diario para que los que conformamos el equipo de SPORT+MARKT demos lo mejor de nosotros”.

Hartmut Zastrow
Director Ejecutivo / SPORT+MARKT AG

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Estudio sobre las camisetas de fútbol
Leonardo Giammarioli
International PR Manager
+49 (0) 221 – 430 73 177

Ronda General Mitre, 126 Ãtico 1
08021 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 – 93 253 18 33
Fax: +34 – 93 212 41 45

WWW: The Connected Kingdom

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The Connected Kingdom
How The Internet Is Transforming the UK Economy
The Boston Consulting Group

This report reveals just how big the UK’s Internet economy is right now. It’s worth 100bn to the UK – more than the construction, utilities or transport sectors. The report is also important because it tells us how big the UK’s Internet economy could be in the future – potentially 10% of GDP. As we face uncertain economic times ahead, this report suggests that Internet companies could be at the heart of our future recovery.

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Indice de gasto electrónico.

Google commissioned The Boston Consulting Group to produce an independent analysis of the value of the UK’s Internet economy, the factors that are driving this, how we compare to other countries, and how this will change in the future. Google wants to help UK businesses get online and use the Internet to grow and have run programmes like ‘Getting British Business Online’ to help businesses create their first website, we’re also interested in helping existing online businesses to grow further.

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‘The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organisation. This ensure that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organisations, and secure lasting results. Founded in 1963, BCG is a private company with 70 offices in 41 countries. For more information, please visit

MAGS: The Paris Review

The Paris Review
Nueva York
Revista literaria
Fundada en París en 1953
‘Dear Reader’
Editor Lorin Stein
Managing Editor Nicole Rudick
40$ año

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Michel Houellebecq and Norman Rush on the art of fiction.

New fiction by Lydia Davis, Sam Lipsyte, and newcomer April Ayers Lawson.

Essays by John Jeremiah Sullivan and J. D. Daniels, poems by Frederick Seidel, art from Tauba Auerbach, and more.

PRESS: Murió Néstor Kirchner

Murió Kirchner
El adiós a Kirchner
Sin Néstor
Dolor y conmoción
El país sin Kirchner
Congoja sin fronteras
Masiva despedida
Y ahora qué?
Nuevo tiempo político
Monumento al dolor
Sorpresa y pesar
Conmueve al país
Marcó una época
La Argentina en estado de shock
Hasta siempre
Adiós a un luchador
Sorpresa y pesar
Conmoción y cambio de escenario polítco

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Ámbito Financiero


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Rosario 12

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Río Negro

Eso, qué.

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La República de Corrientes

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Diario Norte

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El Litoral

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El Ancasti

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El Atlántico, Argentina

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La Nación, Argentina

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La Razón, Argentina

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Página 12

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Los Andes

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El Diario

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El Cronista Comercial

DESIGN: Arthur Hochstein , 1.000 portadas, TIME

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Arthur Hochstein
Design Director
Una leyenda.
Hasta final de 2009.

De un vistazo.

1.000 portacdas de Time.

1000 TIME Covers: Thinking Inside the (Red) Box
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Helen Mills Theatre
137-139 West 26th Street (between 6th & 7th Aves), NYC

7:00 – 8:30 PM, doors open at 6:30

Arthur Hochstein was the Design Director of Time magazine for 15 years, through the end of 2009. During his time there he designed over 1000 covers, including some of the most memorable magazine images of recent years. His iconic cover designs include everything from OJ Simpson, 9/11, the War in Iraq, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. And although the covers of Time included some of the best illustrators and photographers in the world, many of the covers were photo-illustrated by Hochstein himself, who created numerous humorous and pointed images.

Like a modern day version of classic Esquire cover designer George Lois, Hochstein wielded irony, wit, provocation, and powerful imagery to create what was, week after week, the most seen and talked about piece of print real estate in the business. Hochstein will be presenting a retrospective of his cover work at Time in a presentation hosted by the Society of Publication Designers on October 27 in New York City. “1000 Time Covers: Thinking Inside the (Red) Box” will be a unique behind the scenes look at the creation of the Time cover.

Here’s a slideshow of a dozen of our favorite Time covers designed by Arthur Hochstein over the past 15 years.

BOOKS: Geometría de la pasta, Jacob Kenedy

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Jacob Kenedy (Author), Caz Hildebrand (Author)
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Boxtree (7 May 2010)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0752227378
ISBN-13: 978-0752227375
Product Dimensions: 22 x 16.2 x 3.8 cm

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Formas de la pasta.

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Caz Hildebrand, Creative Partner at Here Design, has designed and created a new cook book, The Geometry of Pasta, with recipes by chef Jacob Kenedy, published by Boxtree/Macmillan.