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Innovative Solutions for Graphic Designers
Carolyn Knight (Bright Pink, Univ. De Wolverhampton, Reino Unido) y Jessica Glaser (Bright Pink, Stafford, Reino Unido).
224 páginas.

Octubre 2009
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Colección de ejemplos para inspirarse.

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Smithsonian Hall of Mammals

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Nordic Pack, Nike

by Carolyn Knight & Jessica Glaser
Commissioning bespoke diagrams is an expensive and time-consuming solution. This book offers a collection of exemplary, creative, and imaginative information design, shown in its original application and juxtaposed with the reference material used for each piece of work.
Every design included in the book is analysed, and useful templates are included on the accompanying disc, along with clip-art features, such as arrows, flows, and boxes, so that designers can adopt and adapt them in order to display information within their own unique layouts. Diagrams offers a unique solution to the organisation of information and provides fresh thinking and imaginative solutions, making this an indispensable and inspirational reference book.

About The Author
Jessica Glaser and Carolyn Knight run design company Bright Pink, and both hold posts within the Graphic Communication department of the University of Wolverhampton, UK. They are the authors of Create Impact with Type, Image, and Color; Sticky Graphics; and Print and Production Finishes for Bags, Labels, and Point of Purchase.

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