GRAPHIC GEMS: Los Angeles, foto diagramas ’30s

Curiosos ‘foto diagramas’ de los años 30-40 en Los Ángeles.

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Photograph caption reads, «Photo-diagram of yesterday’s holdup at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, in which robbers escaped with two days’ receipts of $15,000. Officer Crowley is shown firing at the trio, who return the fusillade, wounding James P. Thorpe, a bystander.» Photograph dated July 16, 1929.

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Lena Trontey shows how she looked through a window of her apartment and saw a man «put on the spot» by gunmen. The photo-diagram shows the scene of the shooting as viewed from Miss Trontey’s window and what she saw, according to her story, included the gunmen taking their victim with them. This crime took place outside Theodore Kotzin, located on East Pico. Photo dated: August 11, 1930.

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This photo-diagram shows where a beautiful blonde girl was found stabbed to death at 721 Turner Street, downtown, east of Alameda, in the industrial area, south of where the 101 freeway would be now, adjacent to the Arts District. Dotted lines shows the path of the car of her slayer. Cross shows where her nude body was found. Marks on the ground indicated that she had put up a terrific struggle for life. Photo dated: December 26, 1939.

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1949, body in the LA River

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