GRAPHICS: Europe 2020, escenarios y reformas

Europe 2020
A European Strategy for Smart , sustainable and inclusive growth.
European Commision
Marzo de 2010

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Los tres escenarios estudiados para Europa 2020.

‘Europe is left with clear yet challenging choices. Either we face up collectively to the immediate challenge of the recovery and to long-term challenges – globalisation, pressure on resources, ageing, – so as to make up for the recent losses, regain competitiveness, boost productivity and put the EU on an upward path of prosperity («sustainable recovery»).
Or we continue at a slow and largely uncoordinated pace of reforms, and we risk ending up with a permanent loss in wealth, a sluggish growth rate («sluggish recovery») possibly leading to high levels of unemployment and social distress, and a relative decline on the world scene («lost decade»)’.

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