GRAPHICS: Travel Gold Rush 2020, Amadeus

The Travel Gold Rush 2020

Pioneering growth and profitability trends in the travel sector
Developed by Oxford Economics in partnership with Amadeus

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La caída del turismo, 2009

However, global tourism arrivals fell by 4.2% in 2009 to 880 million as the effects of recession hit. Tourism receipts ($852 billion) were 5.7% below the levels of 2008 – suggesting that people were also spending less per trip if they did travel.

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Los ingresos adicionales
Antes incluidos en el billete, ahora desglosados.
– Maletas
– Equipaciones
– Comidas
– Snacks
– Bebidas
– Medicinas
– Seguridad de élite
– Garantías de asiento
– Posición en el avión

Ingresos adicionales
2006: 1.700 millones de euros
2009: 11.000 millones de euros.

According to IdeaWorks, worldwide airline ancillary revenues were some €11 billion in 2009 – up from only €1.7 billion in 2006. 72% of airlines worldwide derive ancillary revenue from hotel and rental car bookings.

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Evolución de los billetes económicos y los de primera.
Un gran ejemplo para ilustrar a quién afecta la crisis económica.

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Los cambios en las destinos, 2020

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