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The Last Magazine.
Diseño, tendencias y moda.

Gracias por visitar el sitio de Juantxo Cruz

The Last Magazine celebrates the next generation of art, fashion, music, and culture. Published biannually in an oversized newspaper format and on, The Last serves as an artistic platform for a new wave of talent. The Last is also the place where an international group of young and connected readers come to find the latest and greatest in everything that interests them. Conceptual in both format and spirit, The Last abides by no preconceived template, establishing new rules with every issue. It’s a place for an unpredictable mix of people, places, and ideas. It’s all things new—at last.
Content commissioned by and created for The Last Magazine.

Editor in Chief / Creative Director: Magnus Berger
Editor in Chief / Production Director: Tenzin Wild
The Last Magazine
27 Eldridge Street, Suite 4
New York, NY 10002

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