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– United States Department of State – Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU)


This website contains only unclassified information, but is protected from general access in accordance with eGov regulations and requires authentication via a username and password.

Humanitarian Information Unit

Department of State

301 4th Street, SW, Suite 602

Washington, DC 20547

Telephone: (202) 203-7783

Fax: (202) 203-7790


The Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU) is located at in the State Department Annex (SA-44) on the west side of 4th Street between C and D Streets. It can be reached from either the L’Enfant Plaza or Federal Center SW Metro Stations, although the latter is closer to the HIU.

HIU Work with Satellite Imagery Featured in Washington File Articles

Washington — The U.S. State Department is using remote-sensing technology on board satellites in an increasing number of nonmilitary applications to support U.S. foreign policy objectives. One of the fastest-growing applications may be humanitarian assistance

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