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Mapa de los terremotos en la zona.

Credits: This system has been created by Spacedat using internal resources in an effort to contribute to this humanitarian initiative, providing updated information on worldwide disasters. Earthquake data property of the USGS United States Geological Service – Earthquake Hazards Program. Fire data property of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN-FAO), in partnership with the University of Maryland and NASA MODIS Rapid Response. Tsunami data property of National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NWS). Any data you receive by collaborating with Google in connection with the gadget is shared under a Creative Commons license.

Spacedat is a high-technology Solution & Service Provider working in the fields of Earth Observation – Remote Sensing and G.I.S. (Geographic Information Systems).

Being an SME founded mainly by researchers, Spacedat represent a link between the scientific world, private companies and governmental institutions, thus providing innovative products and satisfying the constant need for innovation.

Supported by highly skilled staff, including experts in geology, environmental management, ecology and software development, Spacedat offers customized applications and services in the areas of Environment, Civil Protection, Urban Planning and Tourism.

HQ Region Lecce Area, Italy
Industry Research

Type Privately Held
Status Operating
Company Size 10 employees
Founded 2002

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