MAPS: Worst1942, Propuesta Europa, Maurice Gomberg

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Outline of Post-War New World Map
New World Moral Order
Maurice Gomberg, Philadelphia
Propuesta de EEUU.
Librería del Congreso.
Muy polémico.
Propaganda geoestratégica.

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The map was self-published by Gomberg and offered for sale for $1 in magazines such as American Teacher in 1942 and Survey Graphic in 1944.

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Punto 18: ‘The areas known as Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, the island of Corsica and eventually Italy and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily shall be unified as a demilitarized, federated «United States of Europe». ‘

About The New World Order Map:

This map was discovered by Helen Somers in a window in Philadelphia during World War II. It was completed in October 1941, before Pearl Harbor, was printed in bright colors by a cartographer named Maurice Gomberg in Philadelphia in 1942, and was displayed in his store window. Helen Somers immediately recognized the significance of the map and purchased several. At least a few original copies are still in existence, including one in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.


1. We, the U.S.A., in cooperation with our allies, for reasons of our national safety and in the interests of international morality, are determined to crush and completely destroy the military power of the Axis aggressors, and their satellites regardless of cost, effort and time necessary to accomplish this task.

2. The old world order of colonial oppression, exploitation of dominions, rival imperialism and mercenary balance of power diplomacy; of majesties, dictators, privileged minorities, plutocratic monopolists and similar social parasites; the corrupted order responsible for the present world cataclysm, endangering our national safety and peaceful process, shall never rise again.

3. A New World Moral Order for permanent peace and freedom shall be established at the successful conclusion of the present war.

4. For reasons of history, economic structure, favorable geography and the welfare of mankind, the U.S.A. must, altruistically, assume the leadership of the newly established, democratic world order.

5. To reduce the burden and criminal waste of armaments expenditures everywhere in the world, the U.S.A., with the cooperation of Latin-America, the British Commonwealth of Nations, and the U.S.S.R. shall undertake to guarantee peace to the nations which will be permanently disarmed and demilitarized after the conclusion of the present war.

6. In order to be able, in the fulfillment of our obligations, to effectively prevent the possibility of a recurrence of another world cataclysm, the invincibility of the U.S.A. as a military, naval and air power, shall be the major prerequisite.

7. For realistic considerations of strategy and our invulnerability, it is imperative that the U.S.A. shall obtain relinquishment of controls of their possessions from all foreign Powers in the entire Western Hemisphere, it’s surrounding waters and strategic island outposts as outlined on accompanying map.

8. For considerations of hemispheric defense and in the spirit and tradition of the new Monroe Doctrine of hemispheric solidarity and the «Good Neighbor» policy, the U.S.A. with the consent of the Latin-American Republics, shall obtain control and protectorate rights of the relinquished territories.

9. To strengthen our position in the Caribbean area which is of obvious importance to hemispheric defense, all possible inducements shall be offered to our neighbors of Central America and the West Indies to facilitate their entrance as equal states of the U.S.A. as outlined on map.

10. To fortify the politico-economic unity of the Western Hemisphere, the U.S.A. shall promote and assist the unification of South America into a well organized, democratic, federated «United States of South America.»

11. The liberated British, French and Netherlands Guiana shall be reorganized as one state of the U.S.S.A.

12. All Powers shall relinquish their controls of their colonial, mandate and strategic island possessions everywhere in the world.

13. The British Commonwealth of Nations, the second military and naval Power of importance cooperating in a binding compact with the U.S.A. as a Power for freedom, shall retain and acquire control such territories, peace-security bases and strategic islands outposts essential for the maintenance of world peace and freedom as outlines on the map.

14. The U.S.S.R., the third military Power of importance cooperating with the U.S.A. as a Power for freedom and the maintenance of world peace, shall acquire control of the liberated, disorganized adjacent areas and those of Germany-Austria to be re-educated and eventually incorporated as equal republics of the U.S.S.R., as approximately outlined on map.

15. A world League of Nationalities with arbitration and supervision powers shall be organized.

16. A World Court with punitive powers of absolute boycott, quarantine, blockade and occupation by international police, against lawbreakers of international morality shall be organized.

17. The U.S.A. with the close cooperation of the United States of South America, the British Commonwealth of Nations, the U.S.S.R. and the World League of Nationalities, shall promote and assist in the unification of the relinquished territories and the areas at present unsoundly divided into well organized democratic and absolutely demilitarized republics as approximately on the map.

18. The areas known as Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, the island of Corsica, and eventually Italy and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily shall be unified as a demilitarized, federated «United States of Europe.»

19. The areas known as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Spitsbergen islands shall be unified as a demilitarized, federated «United States of Scandinavia.»

20. The continent of Africa shall be reorganized and unified as a demilitarized, federated «Union of African Republics.»

21. The areas of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Hejas, Aden and Oman, shall be unified as a demilitarized union of «Arabian Federated Republics.»

22. The areas known as India, including Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Burma shall be unified as a demilitarized «federated Republics of India.»

23. The areas known as China, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Thailand, Malaya, Indo-China and Korea, shall be unified as a demilitarized, federated «United Republics of China.»

24. The areas known as Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Crete, Dodecanese and adjacent islands in the Aegean sea shall be unified as a demilitarized «Federal Republic of Greece.»

25. The areas known as Eire and Northern Ireland shall be unified as a demilitarized independent republic of «Eire.»

26. The area of the Holy Land of the ancient Hebrews, at present known as Palestine and Trans-Jordan, and the adjacent requisite regions as outlined on map, for considerations of history and the imperative necessity to alleviate a post war refugee problem, shall be unified as a demilitarized republic of «Hebrewland.»

27. The area known as European Turkey, adjacent to the Dardanelles, sea of Marmora and Bosporus, for considerations of realistic peace strategy shall be placed under joint control of the U.S.S.R. and Turkey.

28. The area known as Turkey shall be a demilitarized independent republic of «Turkey.»

29. All problems of exchange, transfer and repatriation of populations shall be administered by the World League of Nationalities.

30. The criminal perpetrators and their partners in guilt of this hideous war shall be brought to justice and unforgettable punishment administered.

31. All subjects of Japan and all persons of Japanese origin of doubtful loyalty shall be expelled from the entire Western Hemisphere, U.S.A. protectorates and strategic island outposts and their property confiscated for post-war reconstruction needs.

32. All subjects of Germany and Italy and all persons of German and Italian origin known as active supporters of Nazi and fascist ideologies shall be treated similarly.

33. German, Italian, Japanese immigration to the Western Hemisphere, its protectorates and island outposts shall be indefinitely stopped.

34. All persons of German origin in East Prussia and the Rhineland shall be transferred to inner Germany and the regions permanently de-Prussianized.

35. All persons of German, Italian and Japanese origin shall be permanently expelled from their now conquered territories and their property confiscated for post-war construction needs.

36. To cleanse the populations of the defeated Axis aggressors of the intoxication of military chauvinism; to effectuate the removal and destruction of their potential military establishments; to recover the accumulated loot and to re-educate them for their eventual membership in the Family of Nations, the areas of Germany-Austria, Italy and Japan shall be hermetically and indefinitely quarantined and administered by appointed Governors subject to supervision by the world League of Nationalities.

37. All resources, industrial and labor capacity of quarantined areas shall be employed for the post war restoration and reconstruction needs.

38. To reduce the numerical power of the aggressor nations, as a potential military advantage, a Population Control Policy shall be elaborated and applied in the quarantined area.

39. In the New World Moral Order which we seek to establish, besides the essential political freedoms, the following fundamental economic changes are imperative:

(a) Nationalization of all natural resources and equitable distribution of same to all nations…everywhere in the world;

(b) Nationalization of international banking, foreign investments, railroads and power plants….everywhere in the world;

(c) Nationalization of all armaments producing establishments by all military powers;

(d) Federal control of foreign commerce and shipping;

(e) The establishment of a world common monetary system;

(f) World wide limitations of interest rates to a maximum of two percent;

40. To retain the victory and leadership of our united democratic effort….the aim of which is not vengeance or exploitation, but freedom and security to all nations for peaceful progress….the unified «Supreme War Command of the United Nations» at the conclusion of the present war, shall be recognized and transformed into a permanent «Supreme Military and Economic Council» collaborating with the World League of Nationalities in post war construction and to enforce world peace.

41. The «Supreme Military and Economic Council» shall appoint the Governors to administer the quarantined areas until their eventual parole.

For this purposeful beginning we must fight until absolute victory.»

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Compare the 1942 Map to the US Commands, which reflect America’s deployment of military might and wars of conquest (Editor of Global Research)

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Irish Times encantado.
Proponía una Irlanda unida
‘The areas known as Eire and Northern Ireland shall be unified as a demilitarized independent republic of «Eire.»

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También un Estado hebreo.
Smaller entities include Eire (the whole of Ireland), Greece (including Albania), Turkey (excluding European Turkey), Hebrewland (the Holy Land plus Jordan) and Japan. The three axis states (Germany, Italy and Japan) were to be ‘quarantained’ until they could be readmitted in the family of nations.

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El mundo real en 1945

GRAPHICS: Perspectiva vs lectura, ASIMELEC

Informe contenidos digitales

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Tarta 1
Extrusión y perspectiva.

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Gráficos de tarta de difícil lectura.
Las perspectivas alteran las proporciones.
Demasiados apartados para una tarta. Mejor unas barras.
Las leyendas están listadas debajo de la gráfica. Más directo y mejor lectura si se ubican junto con su porción.

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Gráfico de fiebre distorsionado.
La perspectiva arruina el gráfico.
La escala queda por debajo de la gráfica, imposible relacionarla con la curva.

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Barras 1
Super perspectiva.

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Barras 2.
¿Dónde empieza la escala?
Al menos incorporan los datos anuales, en este caso, sobraría la escala.

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Columna apilada.
Perspectiva y distorsión.
Si suman el 100%, todas deberían ser iguales.

ASIMELEC presentó el martes 5 de octubre a las 12.30 horas la tercera edición de su Informe de la Industria de los Contenidos Digitales. El informe, elaborado con la colaboración desinteresada de un nutrido grupo de expertos, es de libre acceso y descarga gratuita.

ASIMELEC, la Asociación Multisectorial de Empresas de Tecnologías de la Información, Comunicaciones y Electrónica, se constituye en 1984 como una asociación de importadores de productos de electrónica. En la actualidad, ASIMELEC ha evolucionado hasta abarcar todos los sectores del Macrosector TIC, siendo la única Asociación del sector que agrupa a fabricantes, comercializadores, distribuidores y en el caso del sector de Telecomunicaciones, a instaladores.

Su finalidad es fomentar y apoyar el desarrollo de las empresas de de Tecnologías de la Información, las Comunicaciones y la Electrónica en España, mediante la defensa de sus asociados y el desarrollo del sector TIC. ASIMELEC representa a más de 3.000 empresas que dan trabajo directo a 300.000 personas y su facturación supone en torno al 4,5% del PIB de España.

FAULTS: Matriculaciones de vehículos, ACEA

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European Automobile Manufactures´Association.
Septiembre de 2010

El peor gráfico del mes.
Las dos escalas complican la lectura.
Lo más intrincado es entender la evolución del volumen de nuevos registros.
Es una evolución muy sencilla, que se ha complicado en exceso.
Tres tonos de color azul que en realidad no harían falta si se hiciese una evolución normal.
Duplica la barra del mes del año anterior y la compara con la del año en cuestión, manteniendo la evolución. Al mezclarse con la clave de color, la compresión se hace inaccesible.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), founded in 1991, represents the interests of the sixteen European car, truck and bus manufacturers at EU level.

Its membership consists of the major international automobile companies, working together in an active association to ensure effective communication and negotiation with legislative, commercial, technical, consumer, environmental and other interests. The members of ACEA are competitors in the automobile market place and support free and fair competition as a trade policy and a legal concept.

GRAPHICS: Information is not beautiful

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Definir la información como ‘bonita’, ‘hermosa’, ‘maravillosa’ o similares no es muy acertado.
Lo que debe definir a la información es la veracidad.
Luego te puede gustar más o menos. Repase cualquier portada de un diario ‘serio’.
La información periodística debe ser dura, jurídica, legal, educativa, instructiva.
Según la RAE, en su tercera acepción, la información es la ‘averiguación jurídica y legal de un hecho’.
La información es investigación.
Jugar con el arte cuando hablamos de información es peligroso y traslada a la infografía al campo del marketing y la publicidad.

GRAPHICS: 100 unreliable desings

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Buceando en la red encontramos este POST titulado «100 seriously Creative Infographics’.
Debería haberse llamado «100 unreliable designs».

Trabajos creativos, diseño por el diseño.
Poca fortuna informativa.
Díficil lectura, o imposible.
No enseñan nada.
Pirotecnia gráfica.
Desperdicio de espacio.

Moraleja: un juego de números, de colores o de tipografía NO es un infográfico.
Lo peor de todo es que lo cuelgan en la red para que nos inspiremos.
Así nos va.

FAULTS: Soraya y la gráfica del paro

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La portavoz del Grupo Popular, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, volvió ayer a ser portada de el diario EL MUNDO. Esta vez muestra una gráfica del desempleo en España.

Últimamente los políticos hacen uso de las gráficas para reflejar la situación del país. En este caso, el gráfico de barras está mal realizado. No respeta la escala, ofreciendo una visión distorsionada de la realidad.

Se exagera. Parece que con lo que está lloviendo en el mercado laboral español, no hace falta exagerar rompiendo la escala; la gráfica correcta ofrece por sí misma una panorámica desoladora.