GRAPHICS: Personal Data Ecosystem, FTC

Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change
Federal Trade Commission
Diciembre de 2010

Peligro en la red.

– if you browse for products and services online, advertisers might collect and share information about your activities, including your searches, the websites you visit, and the content you view;

– if you participate in a social networking site, third-party applications are likely to have access to the information you or your friends post on the site;

– if you use location-enabled smartphone applications, multiple entities might have access to your precise whereabouts;

– if you use loyalty cards at a grocery store or send in a product warranty card, your name, address, and information about your purchase may be shared with data brokers and combined with other data.

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El ecositema de los datos personales.

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Los coleccionistas de datos.

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Ejemplos de cómo se usa la información personal.

GRAPHICS: MicroRNA biogénesis

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El ácido ribonucleico.
Vital en la síntesis de proteínas (producción de las proteínas que necesita la célula para sus actividades y su desarrollo.

Regulation of microRNA biogenesis,
function and degradation
Jacek Krol, Inga Loedige and Witold Filipowicz

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a large family of post-transcriptional regulators of gene
expression that are ~21-nucleotides in length and control many developmental and
cellular processes in eukaryotes. The implication of miRNAs in many disease processes
also makes them important potential targets for therapy. Research during the last
decade has identified many of the components that participate in miRNA biogenesis
and has established basic principles of miRNA function1. More recently, it has become
apparent that miRNA regulators themselves are subject to sophisticated control. Many
studies over the last few years have reported the regulation of miRNA biogenesis,
function and degradation by a range of mechanisms involving numerous proteinprotein
and protein-RNA interactions2. Such regulation has an important role in the
context-specific functions of miRNAs and an understanding of this control is needed
to gain a full picture of the roles of miRNAs in development, physiology and disease.

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