Diagramas para hace ruido

Hoy he repasado el email y he encontrado estas imágenes que hace ya tiempo envié a un buen amigo.
Diagramas de las conexiones de los pedales de guitarra.

El uso de infografía en la información diaria o en el marketing es mínimo en comparación con los usos que se le da en otros muchos campos: Allí son necesarios expertos en comunicación que sepan representar las cosas, buscar un orden, contextualizar. El mundo de la infografía no acaba entre las paredes de una redacción.

Aquí dos disposiciones para hacer mucho ruido.

Pedalera de Dave Grohl con los Foo Fighters, 2000.

J. Mascis, Dinosaur jr, 1996

Los diagramas los encontré en GuitarGeek.

PHOTOS: George Pickow, 1922-2010

El pasado 10 de diciembre falleció el fotógrafo y director de cine estadounidense George Pickow.
Los Angeles, 1922
Folk, Jazz, Pop.
Trabajó con Alan Lomax, historiador folk.
Newport Folk Festival 63-66 (Dylan, Muddy Watters, Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Peter, Paul and Mary…)
Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Nina Simone, Little Richard, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Jordan, Pete Seeger, Lena Horne, Josh White, Judy Collins…
Life Magazine, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan.
Cámara en los documentales y conciertos dirigidos por Alan Lomax.

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Oss Oss Wee Oss (1953)
Alan Lomax and Peter Kennedy
The South West Film & Television Archive collection holds many films illustrating the rich history of folklore, rural cultural heritage and tradition in the region. The May Day ‘Obby Oss’ (or hobby horse) tradition in Padstow has its origins in a spring fertility festival and is an annual custom that continues to this day. This celebration involving traditional song, dance and costume is a closely protected event and has rarely been filmed, however, the archive holds amateur filmed material from 1928 onwards, television footage from 1961 onwards and this unique footage dating from 1953. This documentary is unique in that the production team were allowed unparalleled access to the people involved in the event, capturing the music, dances, and folklore surrounding the tradition. The film was shot by Peter Kennedy, who from the 1950s has made hundreds of sound recordings, and later films, of regional folksongs, music, dancing, story telling, folklore events and customs around Britain and Ireland. Another example of his work in the South West is ‘Shanty Man’ (1950s), recording the work of the men of the Portland Stone quarries who used song and rhymes to help their work. The Archive holds moving image of virtually every folklore and cultural tradition in its area, including harvest rites (such as corn dollies), ship blessings, Helston Floral Day, the Cerne Abbas Giant, and midsummer eve bonfires. Folk music and dance particular to the South West region such as Dartmoor step dancing was recorded by both Westward Television and BBC South West from the 1960s onward and is now held in the Archive, and Broom dancing was also captured on film by Peter Kennedy. Amateur film maker Major Gill also made films illustrating the lives of people and communities in the South West region although he also focused on working practices and industry; both cottage and heavy.

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The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan Live at the Newport Folk Festival
Actors: Bob Dylan
Directors: Murray Lerner

Matched only by the Beatles and Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan continues to captivate music and pop culture fans with a seemingly never-ending stream of new and old recordings, books, documentaries, feature films, and more. The Other Side of the Mirror – Live at Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965 is a worthy addition to the canon; whether this 83-minute compilation will serve to illuminate the Dylan myth or merely perpetuate it is open to question, but without a doubt there’s plenty of fascinating material here. There are nearly 20 songs represented, covering three consecutive years of Dylan appearances at the famed Rhode Island festival. Some have been seen before (most recently in No Direction Home, Martin Scorsese’s 2005 Dylan doc, and in Festival, a Newport chronicle released on DVD that same year and directed by Murray Lerner, who is also responsible for The Other Side of the Mirror). Some are from Dylan’s daytime «workshops,» others from his nighttime main stage performances. Some are complete, others oddly truncated. Some are terrific (like «Chimes of Freedom,» 1964), others not so much (cf. the turgid «With God on Our Side» from ’63, with Joan Baez adding shrill harmony). In any case, these were the years when Dylan assumed the mantle of «spokesman of a generation,» whether he wanted it or not. We see him evolving from the earnest young protest singer of ’63 to the visionary artist of the following year who, with the astonishing torrent of rhymes, alliterations, symbols, and brilliant turns of phrase in «Chimes» and «Mr. Tambourine Man,» turned the whole notion of songwriting on its ear. And, of course, we also witness Dylan’s turn from acoustic to electric guitar, when he was joined onstage by members of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band (sans Butterfield himself) in 1965; only two songs from that legendary (and, at the time, infamous) gig are seen here, and viewed four decades after the fact, neither «Maggie’s Farm» nor «Like a Rolling Stone» is all that special, notwithstanding some searing solo work by guitarist Mike Bloomfield. The DVD package, which includes a bonus interview with Lerner and a nice booklet with liner notes by Tom Piazza, adds to the appeal of what has to rank as a must-have for Dylanologists of every stripe. –Sam Graham

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Jean Richie y Carl Sandburg

Ballads, Blues and Bluegrass1961
Director(s):Alan Lomax, George Pickow

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Folk Songs of The Southern Appalachians

PHOTOS: Elton John, Editor

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En un rato sale su edición de The Independent y de ‘i’ con motivo del Día del Sida.

The special edition also gives a personal insight into Sir Elton John, with an interview of the star by Jimmy Carr, through to his five ultimate heroes. Highlights of this very special issue include:

– Cover by artist Gary Hume

– Stephen Fry on Bwindi Hospital in Uganda

– Bill Clinton on Aids in an age of austerity

– Sir Elton John’s five ultimate heroes

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La portada.

MAGS: Time Out, Oakley Capital

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Un fondo de inversión al rescate de una publicación.

Fundado en 1968, Tony Elliot
En enero de 2010 puso sobre la mesa 3 millones de libras para reducir su deuda.
Oakley Capital compra el 50% en noviembre de 2010.

Elliot: «I have considered many potential investors over the last 7 years to help the brand with the next phase of development and I believe that Oakley Capital, with its entrepreneurial operational focus, will help us with this. I genuinely believe that I have found a real partner for what I expect to be a hugely successful worldwide digital journey.»

Frequency: Weekly
Day published: Wednesday
Cover price: £2.99
Annual cover price: £152.49
6 issue trial: £2.99 – save 83%!
Annual credit card subscription: £79.99 – save 48%!
Annual direct debit subscription: £69.99 save 54%!

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Time Out Communications Ltd.
Universal House
251 Tottenham Court Road
Tel: +44 (0)20 7813 3000
Fax: +44 (0)20 7813 6001

The Oakley Group is an asset management and financial advisory business with over $630m of assets under management. It is focused on understanding investors’ interests and requirements, while retaining the flexibility to move quickly and decisively in response to their needs.

Time Out has a worldwide audience of over 17m per annum across all these channels and continues to grow its digital presence, with global unique users per month up 38% year on year to 7.5m, of which over 2m are in London. Time Out also recently launched its location based iPhone applications and has already had over 500,000 downloads in 2010. Time Out publishes a broad range of magazines and guides, its weekly magazine has 36 versions in 24 countries which is complemented by 22 travel magazines and city guides to some 50 cities, translated into 10 languages.

PHOTOS: Alfred Wertheimer, Elvis 1956

Alfred Wertheimer
1929, EEUU
El fotógrafo de Elvis Presley, cuando el Rey tenía 21 años.

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Paper Towels
© Alfred Wertheimer

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Waiting for NYC
© Alfred Wertheimer

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Lot 76: The Kiss
© Alfred Wertheimer

TITLE: Lot 76: The Kiss

ARTIST: Alfred Wertheimer

PERIOD: 20th century

CATEGORY: Photographs

MATERIALS: Gelatin silver photographic print

MARKINGS: signed by Wertheimer on the border, and additionally signed and inscribed on the verso «The Kiss, Elvis and his date, backstage, Mosque Theater, Richmond, VA, June 30, 1956, Printed in 2006.»

SIZE: h: 16 x w: 20 in / h: 40.6 x w: 50.8 cm

REGION: American

PRICE*: 2,000-3,000 US$ (Convert prices to your currency with our Currency Converter)

«Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer,» is a collection of 56 digital pigment prints made from Wertheimer’s photographs taken between March and July 1956, when he traveled with Elvis for about 10 days. The exhibit is part of a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Tour kicked off in January 2011 at the
Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

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