28 imágenes de las elecciones EEUU

1. El camino hacia La Casa Blanca. Cuéntamelo otra vez Sam.

2. Batalla de palabras. NYT.

3. 140 caracteres.

4.La familia.

5. La familia y algunos más.

6. Apps, Apps. BBC.

7. Rommey de peque.

8. Obama de peque.
Libro: Barack Obama, The Story, 2012

9. Duelo al sol de Florida. Magnífica foto. ¿La mejor de toda la campaña?
¿Por qué en Internet todavía hay muchos medios que no citan los autores de las fotos?
US President Barack Obama Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney make their way to greet their wives at the end of the third and final presidential debate October 22, 2012 at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

10. Facts vs facts. Time.

11. Trampas más viejas que la Fotografía. AFP.
Después de las elecciones se olvidan de todo, pero en campaña, si uno se tira por un precipicio y sobrevive, el otro también lo intentará.

12. Aquí viene Sandy.

13. «Pequeños» imprevistos: Huracán Sandy, rompan filas.

14. Después de las elecciones y de Sandy.
Caos para votar en NY.
Portada The New Yorker, Adrian Tomine.

15. Noche de nervios: Los votantes de Dixville Notch: 5-5.
Photo: Voters in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire cast the first US election day ballots. Nov 6, 2012. (Reuters: Herb Swanson).

16. iPad democrático.

17. El desenlace: Rommey 206. Obama: 332.
National Post, Canadá.

18. Twitter Buzz. Data from Twitter and Weibo buz volume from November 1-15, 2012, using search terms Obama, Romney and US Elections.

19. Portada WPOST 2008. Haciendo historia.

20. Portada NYT 2008. La mejor.
Tan histórico que no hizo falta ni titular.

21. Portada NYT, 2012.
La noche sí fue para ti.

22. Portada WPOST 2012.
La historia está en la foto. ¿Por qué esa foto?

23. El tuit más retuiteado de la historia, por Obama.
Número de tuits del día de las elecciones: 20.000.000. El mayor evento tuiteado.

24. La portada que no fue. Rommey de mayor.

25. La portada que sí fue. Obama más mayor.

26. Inauguration Day 2013 por la espalda.

27. Inauguration Day, NYT 2013.

28. Inauguration Day. WPOST 2013.

GRAPHICS: How to Run The World, Parag Khanna

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En el libro How to Run The World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance
Parag Khana

The world is entering a perfect storm of calamities: a great game for scarce natural resources, financial instability, environmental stress, and failing states. In some respects, it isn’t far off from that medieval landscape of almost a millennium ago. It is a multi-polar, multi-civilizational world in which every empire, city-state, multi-national corporation or mercenary army is out for itself. Esteemed adventurer-scholar Parag Khanna’s How to Run the World is a bold account of our current global chaos and a road-map for creating a truly resilient and stable world.

Parag Khanna is a leading geo-strategist, world traveler and author. Presently a Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation, he is author of the international best-sellers How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance (2011) and The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order (2008). In 2008, Parag was named one of Esquire’s «75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century,» and one of fifteen individuals featured in WIRED magazine’s «Smart List.»

Visto en Periodistas21

GRAPHICS: Campaña y elecciones

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Pág. 37. Número 14. Campaigns & Elections

Campaigns & Elections: MEJOR SI LO VEO
Buenas palabras de Ángela Paloma Martín sobre infografía y elecciones.

‘Pero, he aquí la pregunta: ¿todas las empresas de análisis cuantitativo tienen infógrafos? ¿Se le da importancia a este elemento?’

‘La infografía no es solo una herramienta, no es sólo un género de comunicación visual de lenguaje no verbal. La infografía va mucho más allá. Confirma y certifica el mensaje que se quiere transmitir. Estamos ante un mensaje reiterativo que nos dice mucho más que el qué y mucho más que el cómo. Gracias a la presión generada por la competencia audiovisual y al desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologías, aparece la infografía como género adicional de comunicación’.

Campañas y elecciones.

GRAPHICS: La manada, Fort Worth, Texas

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The Fort Worth Sockyards
Fort Worth

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The Texas Longhorn and the American cowboy are two of the most enduring symbols of the Old West. They’re a big reason why Fort Worth earned the nickname «Cowtown.» And they formed the core of the great cattle drives of the late nineteenth century. Now, the romance and mystique of cowboys and cattle drives returns to Fort Worth with The Herd – Texas Longhorns driven by genuine Texas cowhands – offering an unforgettable glimpse into the past. You’ll hear the jingle of spurs, the cattle bawling, and the rhythm of the hoofbeats. As The Herd passes, a bygone era comes to life before your eyes.

ILLUS: Tom Lubbock, 1957-2011

Tom Lubbock
Collage, ilustración, arte conceptual
The Independent

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‘Topical, arcane, satirical and observant; this combination of text and image provides a unique bridge between Lubbock’s vast art historical knowledge and his sharp graphic response to the moment. The range of charged, bright, images reveal a highly original commentary that remains pertinent today’.

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MAGS: The New Republic

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The New Republic
Why privacy always loses.
13 de diciembre.
Política EEUU.
Desde 1914
50.000 ejemplares.
Martin Peretz.
Liberal, demócrata, social.
En caída.
Portadas controvertidas.

Vía Papers Papers.

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Art Design/Direction Heroun+Co./Christine Car

About TNR
When The New Republic was founded in 1914, its mission was to provide its readers with an intelligent, stimulating and rigorous examination of American politics, foreign policy and culture. It has brilliantly maintained its mission for ninety years.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, The New Republic is uniquely positioned to cover public affairs from an insider’s vantage point. Our editors are among the most respected and influential journalists in the country, known for their uncanny ability to get at the important stories long before they reach other media.

The New Republic covers issues before they hit the mainstream, from energy to the environment, from foreign to fiscal policy. By publishing the best writing from a variety of viewpoints–including those from arts and culture, with literary criticism that sets the standard in the academy and among general readers alike–The New Republic continues to be America’s best and most influential journal of opinion.

In addition to a fortnightly print magazine, The New Republic now publishes a daily web magazine featuring online-only analysis of politics and culture.

Know more about the issues and subjects that are important to you, each week–things that you don’t find elsewhere. Subscribe today!

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