MAGS: Print Magazine, Cincinnati, OH

Print Magazine

Print is an iconic design and visual culture brand encompassing a venerated magazine, a website, premium book and e-book lines, and the Regional Design Annual, one of the most well-respected design competitions in the industry.
Founded in 1940, Print seeks to build a dialogue about design by detailing the intersections of art and culture. Rather than focusing on the how-to of design, the experts who write for Print cover the why—why the world of design looks the way it does, how it has evolved, and why the way it looks matters.
To fulfill its mission, Print focuses on a broad stroke of visual culture today, covering everything from publication design to interactive work, motion graphics, corporate branding, exhibitions, illustration and socially conscious design.
Print is sophisticated. Bold. Distinguished. Experienced. Savvy. The longest-running stateside graphic design publication, it has won five National Magazine Awards—the industry’s highest honor.
As the design world has evolved over the decades, Print has been right there with it, and will continue to evolve to bring its readers the best design writing from the most prominent authors, legends and critics in the field today. Print’s contributing editors and regular writers include such top design thinkers as Michael Dooley, Steven Heller, Claire Lui, Debbie Millman, Rick Poynor, Ellen Shapiro, Paul Shaw, Jude Stewart and Douglas Wolk.

2014 RDA: «Who the F#%K is Charlie Crist?» Miami New Times, Miami: Miche Ratto (art director/designer); Miami New Times (client)

Print magazine
10151 Carver Road, Suite # 200
Cincinnati, OH 45242

MAGS: The New Republic

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The New Republic
Why privacy always loses.
13 de diciembre.
Política EEUU.
Desde 1914
50.000 ejemplares.
Martin Peretz.
Liberal, demócrata, social.
En caída.
Portadas controvertidas.

Vía Papers Papers.

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Art Design/Direction Heroun+Co./Christine Car

About TNR
When The New Republic was founded in 1914, its mission was to provide its readers with an intelligent, stimulating and rigorous examination of American politics, foreign policy and culture. It has brilliantly maintained its mission for ninety years.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, The New Republic is uniquely positioned to cover public affairs from an insider’s vantage point. Our editors are among the most respected and influential journalists in the country, known for their uncanny ability to get at the important stories long before they reach other media.

The New Republic covers issues before they hit the mainstream, from energy to the environment, from foreign to fiscal policy. By publishing the best writing from a variety of viewpoints–including those from arts and culture, with literary criticism that sets the standard in the academy and among general readers alike–The New Republic continues to be America’s best and most influential journal of opinion.

In addition to a fortnightly print magazine, The New Republic now publishes a daily web magazine featuring online-only analysis of politics and culture.

Know more about the issues and subjects that are important to you, each week–things that you don’t find elsewhere. Subscribe today!

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Mayo de 2008

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Enero 2008

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Mayo 2010

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Septiembre 2010

MAGS: Time Out, Oakley Capital

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Un fondo de inversión al rescate de una publicación.

Fundado en 1968, Tony Elliot
En enero de 2010 puso sobre la mesa 3 millones de libras para reducir su deuda.
Oakley Capital compra el 50% en noviembre de 2010.

Elliot: «I have considered many potential investors over the last 7 years to help the brand with the next phase of development and I believe that Oakley Capital, with its entrepreneurial operational focus, will help us with this. I genuinely believe that I have found a real partner for what I expect to be a hugely successful worldwide digital journey.»

Frequency: Weekly
Day published: Wednesday
Cover price: £2.99
Annual cover price: £152.49
6 issue trial: £2.99 – save 83%!
Annual credit card subscription: £79.99 – save 48%!
Annual direct debit subscription: £69.99 save 54%!

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Time Out Communications Ltd.
Universal House
251 Tottenham Court Road
Tel: +44 (0)20 7813 3000
Fax: +44 (0)20 7813 6001

The Oakley Group is an asset management and financial advisory business with over $630m of assets under management. It is focused on understanding investors’ interests and requirements, while retaining the flexibility to move quickly and decisively in response to their needs.

Time Out has a worldwide audience of over 17m per annum across all these channels and continues to grow its digital presence, with global unique users per month up 38% year on year to 7.5m, of which over 2m are in London. Time Out also recently launched its location based iPhone applications and has already had over 500,000 downloads in 2010. Time Out publishes a broad range of magazines and guides, its weekly magazine has 36 versions in 24 countries which is complemented by 22 travel magazines and city guides to some 50 cities, translated into 10 languages.

MAGS: The Paris Review

The Paris Review
Nueva York
Revista literaria
Fundada en París en 1953
‘Dear Reader’
Editor Lorin Stein
Managing Editor Nicole Rudick
40$ año

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Michel Houellebecq and Norman Rush on the art of fiction.

New fiction by Lydia Davis, Sam Lipsyte, and newcomer April Ayers Lawson.

Essays by John Jeremiah Sullivan and J. D. Daniels, poems by Frederick Seidel, art from Tauba Auerbach, and more.
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