SOFT: Tableau 6.0, bases de datos y visualización

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Tableau 6.0
Bases de datos y visualización.

Desktop Personal Edition
Tableau Desktop is a software application based on a technology breakthrough from Stanford University. It lets you graphically analyze virtually any structured data to produce beautiful charts, graphs, dashboards and reports in minutes. With Tableau’s easy to use drag-n-drop interface you’ll be quickly customizing views, layouts, shapes, colors and more to help you present your data insights.

Tableau Server is a software application that makes sharing live, interactive data visualizations, dashboards, reports and workbooks from Tableau Desktop fast and easy. With enterprise-class security and performance to support large deployments. And Tableau’s in-memory Data Engine lets you make data blazing fast on your local machine and manage the load on your mission-critical databases and cubes.

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Desktop Professional Edition

leaders in fast analytics + visualization
It started with a goal to help people see and understand their data anywhere: spreadsheets, data marts, web files, databases, data warehouses. At Stanford, a small team led by Chris Stolte and advised by Prof. Pat Hanrahan became Tableau’s basis.
Results so far? 50,000+ people worldwide using desktop and web-based business intelligence software to produce visual analytic results like never before..

Why you’ll love Tableau ServerFast web analytics. Put live interactive analytics on the web in seconds.
Data scalability. No limit on the size of data you can work with. Work in-memory to take load off critical infrastructure or connect live to leverage fast databases.
Replace or give life to your BI platform. Replace your BI Platform completely, or run Tableau in parallel with your current system.
Easy data blending. Users can easily blend data from two databases or a database and Excel sheet without needing pre-integration work or a separate database. Free training. Live or On-Demand training online.

GRAPHICS: P2P, feeds y noticias en la red

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Los usuarios de Internet se suscriben a los medios y blogs por medio de ‘feeds’ (fuentes) que actualizan los contenidos (entradas) que le interesan.

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Los formatos principales son RSS y Atom.

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Póster en FeedTree.

Micronoticias cooperativas.
Distribuir las noticias ‘Peer-to-peer’.
No están en un servidor único.
Los nodos se organizan en forma de árbol para distribuir las noticias.
Sin retrasos.
Más rápido.

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En vez de que el editor ponga sus ‘fuentes’ en un servidor al que acceden los usuarios (al final se ralentiza la distribución), son los clientes los que cooperan compartiendo las fuentes.

Imágenes en FeedTree.

Aquí, documento en inglés que explica el fenómeno.

MAPS: ‘Onegeology’, mapas geológicos

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’Onegeology es un proyecto para crear mapas informativos geológicos del mundo. Su objetivo es dar acceso en Internet a toda la información geológica en mapas a escala 1:1.000.000.

81 participantes de 43 países apoyan la iniciativa, un mapa interactivo del mundo en el que se pueden referenciar bases de datos en formato WMC y KML para obtener información geológica al detalle.

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