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The Connected Kingdom
How The Internet Is Transforming the UK Economy
The Boston Consulting Group

This report reveals just how big the UK’s Internet economy is right now. It’s worth 100bn to the UK – more than the construction, utilities or transport sectors. The report is also important because it tells us how big the UK’s Internet economy could be in the future – potentially 10% of GDP. As we face uncertain economic times ahead, this report suggests that Internet companies could be at the heart of our future recovery.

Gracias por visitar el sitio de Juantxo Cruz

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Google commissioned The Boston Consulting Group to produce an independent analysis of the value of the UK’s Internet economy, the factors that are driving this, how we compare to other countries, and how this will change in the future. Google wants to help UK businesses get online and use the Internet to grow and have run programmes like ‘Getting British Business Online’ to help businesses create their first website, we’re also interested in helping existing online businesses to grow further.

Gracias por visitar el sitio de Juantxo Cruz

‘The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organisation. This ensure that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organisations, and secure lasting results. Founded in 1963, BCG is a private company with 70 offices in 41 countries. For more information, please visit www.bcg.com.

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