GRAPHICS: Airbus A330-200, corte vertical

Deslumbrante estudio sobre el accidente en Weather Graphics.
Por Tim Vasquez (Texas).
Vía What´s Next.
Thanks, Juan Antonio, great job!.
Very useful on these lack of information days!

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Figure 13.
Cross-section of Air France 447 flight track through thunderstorm cluster, based on satellite imagery analysis and conceptual MCS models. Light shading is precipitation near the surface; medium shading is cloud material, and dark shading is suspected updraft areas. The flight may have deviated several miles west to avoid the SALPO storm; whether they did or not is unknown; but they almost certainly went through the bulk of the MCS as shown here. ©2009 Tim Vasquez. Not for free reproduction in commercial news outlets, sorry; it represents too much original work.

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